Licenses are issued to producers of food to ensure production is environmentally sustainable and safe to consume.

As poultry and beef producers, we take our commitment to licensing and environmental reporting very seriously. That's why we've made all our licenses & reports available to our clients to view online. We are also happy to discuss any questions you have about our production practices.


Management plan 

Updated 2020

Environmental Managment Plan 2020

Soil Testing

We undergo yearly soil testing to keep an accurate record of our soils’ fertility and health. This consists of multiple depth samples taken by a consulting agronomist, the sending of the multiple collected samples to East West Labs in Tamworth for analysis. Our poultry growing licence requires records of soil fertility for documentation and due to our farming business diversity, we see it as a responsible action to annually test how the originally depleted soils, through decades of traditional farming methods, have regenerated and provide balanced and productive grasses and crops.


Water Testing

We annually conduct a water sampling collection for testing, to keep an accurate record of our water sources’ health. This consists of multiple samples taken at the entrance point of the river to our property, and samples taken at the rivers’ exit point of our property. These samples are then

Esky packed and transported to the East West Labs in Tamworth for analysis. Our family business has seen a benefit in knowing the purity status of the water we use in our beef, poultry and pasture production.

Poultry Farming

EPA Licence Number for Poultry Farming – 11307

Environmental Management Plan 2020